Things I Say That May Be False

A list of things I say that may be false is coming to my mind at a rapid rate!

When I don’t get something I want: “He’s got something better for me”.

When I’m worried about finances: “He’s always provided for us in the past so he’ll provide in our future”.

When I fear the direction our society is headed: “He’s in control”.

When someone I love is struggling: “You can do this”.

All of the above may be partial truths, but they are also partial falsehoods. They shouldn’t be taken on face value.

That house I wanted? The house I end up in may not check off as many boxes on my list of desires. But, God can make it better for me in his promise to grow me up and use me for his purposes.

That retirement we’ve pursued? It may come sooner than we hoped and our budget may be tighter than we hoped. But, God never breaks a promise. He will provide us with the ability to be content. It’s up to us to seek and use that ability.

The direction our society is headed? Apart from God, it’s never headed in the right direction. And a few truths come to mind: there will always be people who choose to be apart from God; even those of us who’ve invited Jesus to live in us, still have our moments (or seasons) when we choose to be apart from God; God can control anything, but He chose to give us free will; He’s told us the last days are not going to be pretty.

That loved one who is struggling? They may continue to struggle for far longer than we’d hoped. They may always struggle with the challenges they live in. But, none of us are meant to live by our own power. We’re all meant to cooperate with Jesus. On their own, they can’t “do this” well.

It scares me a bit that I can so quickly think of things I say that may be false. Jesus, forgive me for the times I’ve led others astray. Holy Spirit please continue to show me my wrong thinking and help me to hold my tongue.

“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”  Psalm 25:5


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