So, what is it all about Alfie?*

I’ve been blogging for two years now.  Two years after sending a friend a couple pieces I wrote and having her respond “Please, please, please” learn how to start a blog “and then start with these as your first two” posts.

I was concerned because I didn’t have a vision for the end game.  I still don’t.   I just keep writing.  So, besides the fact that asseenbycarrie is an outlet for my love of the written word, why do I blog?  What can readers expect to find on my blog?  As you look over my essays you won’t find a commonality of subjects such as marriage, families, photography, food, technology (that makes for a chuckle given my techno-idiocy), art, nature, etc.

You’ll simply read about my observations of my surroundings, life events (the common and the uncommon), or my internal musings. And you will read how what I observe and experience stirs my desire to ask Jesus to help me interpret my life and our world.

Asseenbycarrie is my effort to not miss out on what God wants to show me as I walk through the everyday and the unlike-any-other-day.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit is teaching me how to be who he created me to be and sometimes he’s teaching me how to enjoy what he’s created.  Sometimes I get to laugh at my weaknesses; sometimes I have a healthy exercise in reprimanding myself for my weaknesses.

In the book of Micah we’re told, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

This life we’re living is tough but it’s not a complete mystery.  Jesus shows us what is good!  But we have to look where he’s pointing.  Our individual histories are going to blur the view.  So, we have to ask him to give us clarity.  Writing with the Holy Spirit by my side gives me clarity.  I hope as you read my blog you’ll be roused to seek clarity from the Holy Spirit in your circumstances.

*Old song reference…another one of my weaknesses.



2 thoughts on “So, what is it all about Alfie?*

  1. Oh, how I miss you bursting out in song while driving, or walking through a store, or typing, or sitting on the beach….love it…keep blogging Carrie Hayner!

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