Owning my Dorkiness

I may have inadvertently put my brother on the terrorist watch list.  You see, I’m a dork.  My husband is being transferred to work in northern Virginia so I was in the DC area looking to see what towns we should consider while looking for a home.  I was alone, driving my brother’s car through Arlington to DC.  (He lives in DC).

I was feeling rather cocky that I was seeing all the right landmarks and therefore going the right direction.  I had managed to go to a number of towns that day without getting lost.  My problem is I looked down at the map on the Navigation system and saw I had a turn ahead, panicked and proceeded to exit immediately.  As I came off the exit I came to some road work and a lady with a flag waved me down a lane and when I passed the construction I saw turning right meant I would be going into a parking structure.  A Pentagon parking structure.  Uh Oh!  I bit my lip.  I couldn’t go forward.

So, I turned left.  Suddenly a police car came toward me and I heard over a loud speaker “You are going the wrong way on a one way street”!  Another police car pulled along side him with lights flashing and siren wailing.  Still biting my lip, I waved, stopped biting my lip, mouthed “thank you” and did a u-turn followed by a quick right turn.  I then looked in my rearview mirror to see if I was being pulled over.  I was not.

I began to breath heavily since I had been holding my breath, drove over a bridge and got myself back on the highway.  I managed to get to my brother’s home without further incident.  My brother was out of town for a couple days and I conveniently forgot to tell him about the incident.

I hope they didn’t write his license plate number down.  I think I better tell him about the incident.

In my defense, (since my wrong turn was near the Department of Defense), if I wasn’t a dork I wouldn’t have as many funny life stories to laugh about; and sophisticated people can be boring.

On the other hand, they probably are less likely to get their brother on a watch list.


4 thoughts on “Owning my Dorkiness

  1. Oh, Carrie…there is so much about this post I love…not sure which is my favorite line, “In my defense, (since my wrong turn was near the Department of Defense)” or “I may have inadvertently put my brother on the terrorist watch list”…you are a riot!

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  2. Now I get why I was pulled over while driving by the Pentagon heading to a client call and not having done anything wrong today!!! You see, I’m Carrie’s unsuspecting brother!!!!!!

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