Buyer’s Remorse

It is said that timing is everything. Well, I don’t know that it’s everything but it sure is a big deal. Have you ever waited and agonized over making an expensive purchase and after you finally made the purchase you find out you’re getting a cut in pay or an unexpected major expense comes along? Or have you ever celebrated a wonderful occasion oblivious to the fact that something tragic was unfolding in the life of a loved one, that would have a mournful impact on your life?

What was your reaction? “Oh crud, I shouldn’t have bought that!” and “Oh man, the joy of that occasion means nothing in the light of this desperate event”! I’ve had similar reactions. But I’m learning more about God and He’s changing my reactions. He’s changing how I interpret my life.

What in the past I would have judged as bad timing, I now find brings me feelings of stunned thankfulness over God’s perfect timing. I may not have known what was coming, but Jesus did!

Had I known the future I wouldn’t have made that purchase. But God knew what was coming. And He knew it’s financial impact wouldn’t be great in the long run and besides, it was His good gift to me.

Had I known about the tragedy that was unfolding, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the wonderful event that preceded it. But God was the host of that wonderful event; it was His good gift to me. Jesus knows what I need to make it in through this tough world.

He knows what we all need. We all need some heavy doses of beauty: the beauty of time with family or a party with friends, the beauty of a vacation or recreation, the beauty of time alone with God, the beauty of nature, the beauty of art — all manner of beauty.

Beauty fills us up with joy and joy reminds us that the difficult events of our lives are not the truest things of life with Jesus. The love of the Lord is the truest thing in life. My ability to interpret life is built on my ability to know God.

I know God is good. I know if God is for us who can be against us? I know joy and peace don’t just live in the realm of good circumstances. The Spirit filled life receives the benefits of joy and peace in any circumstance, even the bad.

A sweet truth is that God offers to fill us up during good circumstances so we are healthy and strong when the difficult circumstances of life take center stage. My reactions, the way I interpret life, are bolstered by time spent getting to know God, because getting to know God puts me in a place of thankfulness.

I’m thankful for that material gift God so generously gave me. I’m thankful for that extravagant event that filled me with joy. I’m thankful that I didn’t know what needs and trials were coming around the corner.

I’m blown away by God’s perfect timing. It’s taught me that I can trust him and praise him in the good times and in the hard times. And that hard time? It will pass in this life or in eternity. His goodness to me will never pass.

His timing exhibits his good intentions towards us. His timing exhibits his glory. His glory shines a light on the darkness of unnecessary buyer’s remorse. What have you bought into? Remorse or Thankfulness?


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