Who Redefined Women’s Lib?

A famous singer got in a lot of hot water this past week by making hashtags on Instagram with a photo of a woman ahead of him in a line for coffee.  The bottom of her rear cheeks were below the bottom of her shorts. The irony is he was slammed for objectifying women. Nothing was said of the woman in the cheek hanging shorts objectifying herself.

Misogyny is as old as recorded history. But the positive impact of the women’s lib movement of my youth and the brave actions over 100 years earlier by the American women trailblazers in Seneca Falls, is lost on so many of us now.

This social media story has women whining about a man commenting on a women who dressed to have her body noticed. Huh?

In 2015 women sit around their television sets watching reality shows that have women clawing to “win” an engagement with a man who is making out with each woman in the competition. Is the premise of these shows the value of each woman’s intellect, heart, unique gifts, self determination and her worth being equal to that of the man in the “reality” show? No, the premise of these shows is the need to have a man confirm the women’s desirability. Absolutely nothing wrong with a woman’s beauty. But was women’s liberation fought so we can fight with one another for a man’s attention with our physical beauty and publicly grovel and weep to be the chosen one?

The women’s liberation movement brought about reforms on issues such as equal pay, women’s suffrage, domestic violence, maternity leave, sexual harassment and sexual violence. The women’s liberation movement aimed to eliminate forms of oppression based on gender.

Present day women’s lib should be saving women from forced burka wearing. Does it follow then that women can boast the freedom to strut and show as much of their stuff as they want to? Yep, it’s a free country. Ladies we have the right to dress however we want to look. But if you’re gonna flaunt it, why are you offended when a man comments on it? And you call that objectifying?

I’ll tell you a few examples of women being objectified and disrespected. Women in countries who are stoned to death for daring to go outside without a male relative accompanying them. Women who are enslaved in the cities of America. Women who are not considered worthy of an education. Women who are forced into marriage. Women who are castrated.  Women who are raped and made slaves in terrorist ravaged countries.

Save your outrage for these acts of misogyny.

Blushing when your neckline is down to your belly button and your short line is up to your thong is about as disingenuous or clueless as a grown woman can get. Accusing men of body shaming because they notice all you choose to reveal is irrational. Cry me a river.


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