Confessions of a Chronic Idiom User

I’m not sure when it started but I’m a chronic idiom user. Just today while discussing an injection I had for neck pain I said, “the jury’s still out” on whether it was a success or not. Yesterday, as I discussed with a friend on-going problems in our respective families I said both, “that ship has already sailed” and “you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place”. One of my daughters often replies to my idioms with the question “who says that”? I do wonder what percentage of people in my generation and younger generations use idioms as much as I do in regular conversation. But whatever the statistic may be I remain partial to idioms. I love unique, picturesque, clever turns of phrases more than idioms. But, an idiom became an idiom because it struck a nail on the head. See? I just used an idiom to defend  idioms!

So for the fun of it I challenged myself to use as many idioms as I could to describe the plans I am making for the holidays. Yes, this is my idea of fun.  Here it goes!

This is the first holiday season in years that I am not employed at a job. As a result I am chomping at the bit to fill the weeks from Thanksgiving through Christmas with as much holiday tradition and merriment as possible. Now since I am unemployed my plans cannot cost an arm and a leg. I realize that as I make my plans I need to avoid biting off more than I can chew. And I don’t want to set myself up for a fall by making my holiday expectations too high because I know a perfect holiday comes along once in a blue moon. I’m asking God to reveal to me blessings in disguise because I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and I want to be aware when he’s telling me to hold my horses. The holidays may be a far cry from what I envision now. I don’t want to be let down by counting my chickens before they hatch!

As I make plans I realize my husband and I have to see eye to eye. And since everyone tends to be busy this time of year I need to realize it takes two to tango so I probably will have to go back to the drawing board numerous times. I’m willing however, to burn the midnight oil making preparations…baking, decorating, cooking, visiting and sending notes of encouragement. I know it won’t be a piece of cake to reach my goals for the Christmas season. I’ll have to be wise about hitting the hay so I don’t start feeling a bit under the weather.

I also know I’m blessed to not be working. I’m over the moon about it.  Yet, I want to have the grace to take it when friends, who are under far more pressure than me, may say things that lean toward “bah  humbug”. I’ll need the Holy Spirit to remind me to take it all with a grain of salt. What I want most is to be willing to let go of my plans at a drop of the hat so I can be available to others. I’ll be barking up the wrong tree if I confuse my calendar as the reason for the season.

And although I believe there is a method to my madness and at times I may think I can kill two birds with one stone, I’m not going to try to go for the whole nine yards. Sometimes less is more. Otherwise, I’ll go off my rocker. I know the only way I can cut the mustard is to keep my eye on the ball.

What is the ball? Celebrating all I have in Jesus! So I’m not going to cut any corners by filling my days to the brim and leaving no time with Him! When New Year’s Day has come and I shout, “Elvis has left the building,” I don’t want to come down from the mountaintop and have missed the boat.

I didn’t just fall of the turnip truck. I know even if December isn’t all I hoped for, every cloud has a silver lining. So, to make a long story short: I know my plans don’t hold a candle to God’s plans for me.

This little exercise in writing with idioms screams out that too many idioms is definitely over-kill. Maybe I will have to back off my chronic use of idioms. They can be down-right obnoxious.  I don’t know. I’m kind of sitting on the fence.