Bush’s Dog Salute, Obama’s Coffee Salute and 783 Million People without Access to Clean Water

I wish I had the skills to post the photo of Bush saluting as he bent over to hold the dog in his arms next to the photo of Obama saluting with the coffee in his hand. Much ado about nothing. I know, respect is important; but stuff happens when you’re a busy president stepping out of a helicopter. BTW, people are being slaughtered in Iraq, there’s sex trafficking in the US, 783 million people do not have access to clean water, my friend’s son lives with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy…

There’s been much written, debated on talk shows, and discussed over family meals about the negative consequences of communicating via the internet. I’ve been contemplating whether I’m part of the problem. Granted, my blog readership is a whopping 15 or so people, however it takes a lot of little rain drops to cause a storm.

I believe that life isn’t just about the “major” stories. We are all a product of the cumulative experiences in our life. It benefits us as individuals to take note of how our past life events inform our current identity, personality, and our emotional and spiritual welfare. But I’m concerned that mass media, and the internet in particular, is allowing us to become a people that majors in the minors.

The “coffee cup salute” is a highly caffeinated example. I’m weary. Just plain out exhausted by all of the nit-picking. There are a whole lot of circumstances to be concerned about in our troubled world. How my president saluted the marines outside of his helicopter on one particular day is not an event that will bring me to my knees in prayer. Good gravy! Is this worth our time and tempers?


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